For all with an interest in the history

OF THE East India Company and the British Raj

The British in India Historical Trust presents Zoom lectures by authors of recently published books of interest to descendants of the British in South Asia between 1600 and 1947 and all who want to know more about the East India Company and the British Raj. From 2022 we shall promote scholarship by organising annual book prizes for excellence in non-fiction historical writing. The British in India Historical Trust is a small charity.




The 2022-23 programme will be announced shortly. Please sign up below for news of lectures and you will be notified when details are available.


Proceeds of lectures help fund prizes for non-fiction historical writing on British India. Two prizes will be awarded in 2023 for books published in 2022 (history and military history). Details available soon.



Tuesday 19 October 2021

The Origins of the British Empire in Asia

David Veevers


Tuesday 16 November 2021

India in the Persianate Age

Richard M. Eaton with Rosie Llewellyn-Jones


Tuesday 14 December 2021 

Wellington and the British Army’s Indian Campaigns 1798-1805

Martin R. Howard


Tuesday 18 January 2022

The Estate of Major General Claude Martin at Lucknow

Rosie Llewellyn-Jones


Wednesday 16 February 2022

Peace, Poverty and Betrayal: A New History of British India

Roderick Matthews


Tuesday 15 March 2022

Ruling the Savage Periphery

Benjamin D. Hopkins


Tuesday 10 May 2022

A War of Empires: Japan, India, Burma & Britain 1941-45

Robert Lyman