The British in India Historical Trust is a small charity that promotes education in the history of the British in the Indian subcontinent (South Asia) from 1600 to 1947, and in other areas administered by or of interest to the East India Company and the Crown, by running public lectures. From 2022 it will organise book prizes for excellence in non-fiction historical writing.




Valerie Haye is a former book publisher. Her parents were born in British India, where her family lived from the 18th century to Independence. Her grandfather and two great-uncles were district officers in the United Provinces and relatives served with the British, Bengal and Indian Armies. She has organised lecture series on British India for the British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia in association with the Institute for Historical Research, University of London, and the South Asia Centre, London School of Economics. In 2022 she organised live lectures for BACSA at the East India Club and online lectures for The British in India Historical Trust.

 For all with an interest in the history

OF THE East India Company and the British Raj